Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Charleston and the Bloomsbury group

I painted and wrote this before I even went to visit Charleston. I thought it would be a great idea to expand this into a book. So while at Charleston I took notes, I sketched. I came home with some material. I ordered books from Amazon and even yesterday a ton of books arrived, a set of Leonard Woolf's autobiography. I looked at the art of the Bloomsbury artists and I copied. I wrote and wrote and there is still a bit more reading to do and I should be ready to put everything together..... a book on Charleston and the Bloomsbury group, written and illustrated by me!

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Charleston farmhouse

The last resident of Charleston farmhouse was Duncan Grant who lived there till 1978. By that time the house has fallen into despair. It wasn't in a great state when he and Vanessa Bell moved in with her children in 1914, around the time of WWI. It had no running water, water has to brought in from a stream outside which freezes in winter. There was no indoor plumbing, there were earth closets. I had to look up what earth closets were, a kind of outhouse with a bucket which needed to be emptied! No electricity which came in later years. There were no telephones, they had to write to each other or walked to each others houses. Due to their having to write to each other they left behind a huge body of work, written communication which we have today that gave us an insight to their lives and thoughts. They spent the war years holed up here in the country. Vanessa Bell had become such a country homebody that everyone worried that she may never thrive in the city again. Go back to London she did after the war to find it changed, the Bloomsbury she knew before the war was gone but they continued to play an important part in each others' lives till their dying days. In fact more so because the opportunities were different, Virginia, Vanessa's sister became a celebrated writer, the others went on to write and to paint.....

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Charleston farmhouse

Leonard Woolf, the husband of Virginia Woolf stumbled upon Charleston which was near to where he and Virginia were living.It was the time of World War I,Vanessa Bell, her children and two other friends, Duncan Grant and David Garnett were living at a place called Wissett. Viriginia wrote to Vanessa 'I wish you'd leave Wissett and take Charleston. It is lovely, large rooms, a garden, rather wild now but you could make it lovely.' Duncan Grant and David Garnett were conscientious objectors to the war and had to find work which the war department deemed patriotic. They were picking raspberries at Wissett and this wasn't considered patriotic. Otherwise they would be conscripted. So Vanessa rented Charleston so the the two men could work at the farm nearby. That was how they came upon to be at Charleston where Vanessa lived for the rest of her life. So did Duncan, her gay lover. They were both buried at a cemetery nearby, next to each other. Charleston, when they moved in, doesn't look anything like the Charleston today.......

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Bloomsbury group

Most Thursday evenings, the Cambridge friends of Thoby Stephens would wander into their new place at 46 Gordon Square in the Bloomsbury district of London. It was cheap to entertain then since everyone would have had dinner already. The four Stephens' children would have much money. They would talk most of the evenings, drinking cocoa and eating buns. Then after a holiday to Greece, Thoby Stephen contracted Typhoid and died from it. Vanessa Stephen decided to marry one of his friends and one of the members of the Bloomsbury group, Clive Bell. She became Vanessa Bell. Clive's family had money and they had 2 children together, there was a third child but the child's paternity was different. The marriage became in name only after a few years though the two remained friends and were in each others' lives till the end. The twists and turns of the stories of the Bloomsbury group is fascinating. Tune in for the next installment....

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The two Miss Stephens

Here I am writing under an apple tree in the grounds of Charleston farmhouse, the house lived in by Vanessa Bell, the sister of Virginia Woolf. Before they were Vanessa Bell or Virginia Woolf, they were Vanessa Stephen and Virginia Stephen, their father being Leslie Stephen, quite a literary giant in his day. They had two brothers and some step siblings because both their mother and father were married before and had kids from their previous marriages. Their two brothers were sent to boarding school but the two Miss Stephens were home schooled by their parents. From an early age they have already decided for themselves that Vanessa would paint and Virginia would write. So in the nursery Vanessa would spend hours standing to paint at her easel. Vanessa, being younger and not to be outdone by her older sister would stand and write for hours. Virginia would not be a celebrated author until a very later age. She spent time being nursed for a mental illness, some conjectured by the description, she was bipolar. While their parents were alive they lived in 22 Hyde Park gate, in a tall and narrow house, with dark rooms, dark furnishings and paintings. Both parents died in that house including a step sister. So the house was associated with death and gloom. Soon after they moved to the Bloomsbury area of London and here they were joined by their two biological brothers and the brothers' friends from Cambridge. They met regularly and became known as the 'Bloomsbury group'.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The grounds at Charleston

Charleston is the masterpiece of Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell, wrote one person. The source material for Bloomsbury and Charleston is so immense. If they'd only know (Vanessa and Duncan) what they mean to us faithful followers of their lives, they'd be amazed. Even the Charleston Trust, set up to oversee and fund the restoration and upkeep of Charleston could not imagine its popularity today. They expected a few visitors to drop by but hordes of people do make the trip to Charleston, some every year and others a few times a year.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Charleston and the Bloomsbury group

 I was here in May. How can ever forget this visit? A humble farmhouse in Sussex, England, the only one left with the memories of having been lived in by the Bloomsbury group. Who were they? They were a group of people, artists and writers, who lived in various homes in the Bloomsbury district of London while at the same time had various country homes. Charleston was one of them. The artists, Vanessa Bell (sister of author Virginia Woolf) and her gay partner, Duncan Grant lived and painted. The house still retained traces of their work. It was restored by the Charleston trust and now is opened to the public.

 A painting of the Bloomsbury group. They met in various homes, talked, partied and worked, married each other, traveled together and their friendship lasted to the end of their individual lives. It is so remarkable and inspiring.
While photography are not allowed inside the house, I was able to scan some pictures of the interiors from various books.